About Us



Texas Church Furniture is committed to the clients we serve in offering discount pricing on our extensive selection of furniture and related products. Our mission is to enable you to save on the furniture and products you need, to free up more dollars for your ministries. Texas  Church Furniture has sold thousands of products from numerous manufacturers to worship centers and parochial schools all across the United States. We have over 20 years of experience working directly with churches and private schools, as well as architects, design firms and general contractors that bring the vision to reality. We represent over seventy manufacturers including all types of worship seating, children’s and early childhood furniture and accessories, custom furniture, storage products, office furniture, signage, modular buildings and so much more. All of our manufacturers offer high quality products with strict attention to detail, design, construction, quality and customer service. What sets Texas Church Furniture apart is that we can offer our clients the benefit of saving money on these products with our consolidated buying power and commitment to passing our savings on to our clients. We have remained steadfast to our founding principles of honesty and integrity to ensure financial and spiritual accountability.  

Sindy L. Smith

Sindy Smith has spent her entire professional career in sales.  Sindy was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned a bachelor of science in communications.  After college, Sindy worked for several major corporations including Kraft Foods, Humana, Pharmacia Upjohn and Novartis.  In 2000, Sindy was married and took a break from her career to start and raise her family.  She is the proud mother of three children and lives with her husband in University Park, Texas.

Sindy decided to continue her professional career and pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations to own her own business.  She acquired Texas Church Furniture (formerly Texas Shared Church Services) from long-time family friend, Barbara McMahon.  TCF was the perfect business for Sindy to combine her gift for sales and love for the nonprofit sector.  Sindy loves to put her talents to work helping churches and private schools realize their mission-focused goals. 

Molly E. Jones 

Molly is a native Texan, born and raised near the Southeast Texas town of Beaumont. After graduating with highest honors from Lamar University with a BBA in accounting, she moved to Dallas and began her career in the financial arena. She spent over twenty years in the treasury area of finance for health insurance giant culminating with her position as Assistant Treasurer for a multi-billion dollar retail organization.

After many years of working in finance, Molly decided she wanted to use her background and skills to change careers to the field of sales, marketing, and client relations. Following a successful tenure as Director of Marketing with a large general contractor, Molly took the position as Director of Sales and Marketing for a successful church chair manufacturer. It was during this time, that she met Barbara McMahon, the founder of Texas Church Furniture. Molly joined Texas Shared Church Furniture in June of 2014 and will always be grateful to Barbara for her support, training, and mentorship at the highest level.

With Sindy Smith at the helm, Molly is very excited about the future of Texas Church Furniture. Sindy’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with her extreme talent for reaching out to new vendors and clients and exceptional sales skills can only result in growing Texas Church Furniture.

The foundation of Molly’s entire professional and personal background is based on ethical behavior, dedication to the highest work standards, building lifetime relationships, and servant leadership. Her mission is to make a positive difference in the lives she touches.

When she is not working, Molly loves to spend time with her family, traveling, and gardening. She also has a deep love of animals of all kinds and feels that volunteer service is an honor and privilege.